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Beautiful friends

Graduation dinner

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Dhamma Sharing Camp 2006/07

Thursday, September 14, 2006

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Dhamma Sharing Class 2006/07

1. Is all in the MIND

Time:7:30 pm till 10:30 pm
Venue:PBUM Counter
Speaker:Bro Tan Huat Chye

Sis Joyce
Sis Lee Shia
Sis Mei Fong
Sis Lian Chee
Sis Kim
Sis Yin Nee
Sis Julie
Sis Shareen
Sis Joy Lim
Bro Heng Khiang
Bro Wei Jin
Bro Kai Ming
Bro Nick
Bro Wei Jin

First DSG class and we already became nomad The actual place suppose to be at Seminar Room at Sastera Fac but we have to go another venue as we don't have approval letter So,we have to moved on Luckly,we have our very own Buddhist Society counter at KPS

Bro Tan came together with us He just finish his meetng and came without dinner Thank and Sadhu to Bro

Vegetarian Food Stall

This is one of PBUM mega project which normally we called as Santa project Jom,gi makan at PBUM vege food stall!

So,we from DSG gave our moral support by at there The food there is delicious esp the ice kacang Guys,next time you should drop by UM during convo to try the food there Not only we are helping the Buddhist Soiety but we oso got to meet a lots of members there Eating,lepaking and servicing to customers More like Petaling Street atmosphere and yet we love it!

Another stall which lest "sambutan" is the Book stall Guys,u all really need to drop by here lah It like nobody come Support the book stall,buy books from them You will have discount 5%


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Brahma of My Heart

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Dhamma Sharing Camp 2005/06

5. Metta Meditation

As we learn metta last week, this week we move on with a better “sifu”. We made a trip to Buddhist Gem Fellowship (BGF) at Sec 19 for metta meditation session with Bro / Datuk Victor Wee.

Of course we introduce ourselves to everyone. Gladly to meet Sis Dolly, Sis Elaine…from BGF and Simon from Korea and the rest f newcomers of DSG class. Datuk brief about metta. Then we did the QIGONG to relax our muscles. Proceed with metta meditation for more than ½ hour.
It was an experience for all of us.

Oh yah, we met fellow INCOVARIANS , they had meeting for the IDC ( Incovar Dhamma Camp).Our Senior Ern Huei around. We took photos.

As we were waiting at downstairs. We know that what we are doing (wasting 3 hours to study) is worthy. Not only for this moment but the future too.

Dhamma Sharing Class 2005/06

4. Sigalovada Sutta

The first Sutta for this year “Sigalovada Sutta” by Bro Benny Liow, the editor of Eastern Horizon.

We start by introducing everyone. Then we learn metta meditation by Sis BMF. First she brieflyinform what is metta and how Buddha introducing metta to the monks during vassa (rain retreat) and were disturbed by the spirits around them.

Bro Benny came and his first response

#cultivating metta is NOT only when you are meditating but throughout your daily life too#

As usual, Puja and introduction session Protocol lah

Sigalovada sutta….

4 types of friends that you should hang out

4 types of friends that you should avoid

How to handle your financial

6 types of directions
Zenith, Nadir, East, West, South, North

Ok, we are not going to tell you all EVERYTHING what we know already but we prefer to you all outside there to read and understand your own Sendiri baca lah Make your own efforts!!!

Click at the sidebar, access to insight. Then click sutta pitaka, then write “sigalovada sutta” in the search box

During the sharing, Bro Benny mentioned

#If there is a problem, why worry?
If there is no a problem, why worry#

Is taken from Samyutta Nikaya

The message: Sigalovada Sutta was mean for Sigala but still can be practical for us today.

The verdict: As a layperson, we too have the opportunity to understand the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha very…well. Keep striving!!!

Dhamma Sharing Class 2005/06


Dana, the third sharing class with Bro Wong Ting Song. We kick off with singing session “My Beautiful Friend” by I-GEMS (OK, there are not there) leading by Sis BMF

We had fun…
We had joy…
We did enjoy…

Then, sharing session start with Puja and introduction for Bro Wong.
Dana… means GIVING but actually we MUST learn the art of giving and receiving too.
We not only must GIVE, Give, give
We only not must RECEIVE, Receive, receive
But we must GIVE and RECEIVE too.
That why, learning and understand the art of Giving and Receiving is IMPORTANT!

Of course, ada macam-macam type of DANA

Dana to Sangha (food, vihara…)
Dana to poor people (money, time, service…)
Dana to disaster victim (tsunami, eartquake…)
Dana to family (loving, gratitude…)
Dana to society (civil minded, appreciation…)

Banyak lah, can not list all

The message; Try to do good eg like DANA to create a better community in these world.

The verdict: Days by days, cultivate this art of giving and receiving in our daily life. Do you know that this is the last Parami that Buddha cultivates? Check the great disciples of Ajahn Chah (By WAVE publication) One of his student talks about DANA

Dhamma Sharing Class 2005/06

2.The Dhamma

Second sharing class, invited speaker is Bro Tan Huat Chye. The topic is “Dhamma”.
We start with getting to know others esp for newcomers. We play a game.

First person: Hello, I am…
Second person: Hi I am…
First person: Nice to meet you. Meet my friend (pointing at the person sitting next to the second person)

Those fail to be mindful, will have to be known as One dot (a dot of toothpaste will be put at the face)

We start with a short Puja. An introduction session for Bro Tan Huat Chye. We sing 3 songs, The Ancient Path, Flower of Mankind & Wheel of Life

Of course, the songwriter is here, Bro Tan share his meaning for every song. Ha ha We clarify what we could not explain for last week discussion.

What is Dhamma?
1st response: The teaching of Buddha
2nd response: The universal law
3rd response; Noble 8fold paths
4th response; The truths

Bro Tan: Dhamma is like a journey. Example, when you decide to play a roller coaster (life), you need a seatbelt (Dhamma) to protect you. When you actually did play it, it goes UP and DOWN. Sometimes you laugh (pleasure), Sometimes you fear (unpleasure) Sometimes you calm (neutral)

The message: Once when Buddha was in a forest,Buddha took a handful of leafs,Buddha asked, “what is this?” One of the monk answered, “A handful of leafs”
Buddha replied, “Yes, so what is symbolise? See around you (nature). There a lots of leafs in this forest But I only took a handful of leafs. What I taught u all is good enough already.”

The verdict: Ha ha ha…Deep lah the meaning. Is something like if you understand the basic and practise with what you have, it good enough for you to survive in this world.

Dhamma Sharing Class 2005/06

1.Why Buddhism?

Well, the sharing class start with getting to know and understand better (at least tahu-tahu sikit-sikit,OK lah) about Buddhism. The speaker, non other than our Grandpa Kar Pin (A final year student in medic, currently known as Dr. Low Kar Pin)

What type of Buddhist are you?

Food Buddhist? Eat vege, Eat vege & meat, Eat meat only

Social Buddhist? Love to sing, Pandai Bersosial, Knowing others, Trying to seek partners

Intellectual Buddhist? CD, Books, Sutta try to name it This person know everything from A to Z

Preacher Buddhist? keep telling everyone to convert to Buddhist

The categories can go on and on…

But the REAL message is NO MATTER WHAT TYPE OF Buddhist are you, TRY to understand what Buddhism can offer to you first and then start to value it!

The verdict: As a Buddhist, we need all this categories actually. Why?
Sometimes we need to be Food Buddhist eg During Uposatha Day
Sometimes we need to be Social Buddhist eg For Fellowship
Sometimes we need to be Intellectual Buddhist eg We must have theory first than practical
Sometimes we need to be Preacher Buddhist eg After knowing this great “religion”, why not share it with people around us

We did sing a song “Ancient Path”. We shared together the meaning of this song (Of course we know the meaning deeper as we met Bro Tan Huat Chye before)

We did “play-play”, we used our own hands ONLY (to save budget lah)

Practising awareness

One clap, move to right
Two claps move to leftThree claps, Skip

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Well, our annual activity…The Sharing Camp at the beginning of the semester. This time we choose Maha Vihara as the venue Even being advise by some bro not to do it there (cause Maha Vihara is full of activity every weekend) but maybe our luck (kammic affinity) we manage to book the place As the camp was during school holiday which mean no Sunday School

On the exact day,19 August at 5 pm,we start the camp with Ice breaking Unfortunately the Spider Web game couldn’t be solved as the raffia strings messed up already Yet it never stop us, Grandpa Kar Pinn lead us We did have fun!!! The Human Web (replacing the spider web) ha ha ha Really need a lots of co-operation and tolerance among participants Then, the First Impression Games is really fun as we tends to run and run to find our victim as we want to write Short Testimonials at the piece of paper A piece of paper was placed at Participants’ back

We had our dinner “Tapau” food from UM,12th College Yup,we never “muak’ of College food Then Introducing Puja Class by Bro Steven Learn the Basic art of Puja like the bowing Theravada and Mahayana style What the important of paying homage……..blah blah blah

First Dhamma Talk by Grandpa Kar Pin Guiding us in “Why Buddhism?” I guess after like a year,the best part of the talk is actually about ANGER Why we should angry?I mean there should have not anger arise esp when you know how to control,rite?

Why are you angry?
Angry with me?
Which part of me are you angry?
The heart?
Which part of the heart?
The cell?
Which part of cell?
The mitochondria?
Which part of mitochondria?
The DNA?
In the end, if you go deeper and deeper and deeper
Left an atom, rite? Actually, you are angry at a very very very small particle
So,why angry?

The next day, we start the day with Puja at Shrine Hall Lead by Bhante Then we did Breakfast Dana The kitchen place really packed with us…No space to move lah

We learn YOGA from a sis Sori, can’t really remember sis name But she have a cute little daughter It was tough I started to realized I am not stretchable as I used to think Well, you will know when you experience your own directly
We had breakfast prepared by Lee Shia She is our mother during the camp Taking care everyone of us And keep on asking us To eat ha ha ha Really like a typical mother

Animal Kingdom, wow that games really funny!!! I laughed and laughed seeing one by one the animal died because of bomb or been eaten by their predator .Actually should laughed that much The games is telling us a message. When human becoming too modernization, they tends to forget that beside them, there is nature (eg animal/plant) around _ modernization symbolized by the bombs The law of nature should be follow as the predators will find food To get food, they need to kill sometime Unless the animal is vegetarian(herbivore)!!!

Bro Tan Ho Soon came to give talk on Karma As usual, bro talk will be interesting Evening Talk, we have open discussion with Bro Ang Choo Hong regarding the precepts Hot debate! esp some of us have different opinions…The verdict: You determine your own action Try not to break the precepts

Quiz “Who Want to be an Arahant?” conducted by Buddha (Nicholas),Bodhisatta (Ming Thong) really makes us think hard .We will be climbing the pyramid (the last stop is Nibbana).Starting in the animal kingdom At certain time we even question back to Buddha to clarify his answer as it couldn’t understand/accept his explanations .The verdict:,not even a single group can escape the samsaric world All of us are still stuck at the Animal Kingdom .Well, a game is a game
Personal interview(question lah) by Buddha

The moment,sitting at the chair...face to face with the Buddha With the guide of Bodhisatta

The waiting...The wise one was having discussion with the Assistant To clarify the Truths Ha ha ha That the problem when you just depend to the Internet sources Better to deepen our knowledge through the True teaching of Buddha,The DHAMMA which is the Univesal law or through Buddha Discourses Pali Tipitaka

Evening games, we go tour outside vihara to find any person to interview We were ask to draw the graft of happiness of that person Happiness?how you define it…Hearing…listening what the interview person told…make me realized Life is full of experiences Most people will say they happy life is during childhood and will maintain once they are older

The search to find happy person...begin 1,2,3

Wow,there a lot we learn from this uncle His life very touching yet meaningful We get to know about his life How he struggle for education because of poverty His marriage An arrange one His children His hope to them Adise to us To Value what we have right now since we are youngsters Learn to start to appreciate!!!

The presentation of Happiness Chart

The prensentation,surprisely this group met with a guy He works as a sniper Sharing his suffering as he needs to kill anyone when he job required him to do Luckly,a friend introduce him Maha Vihara Since then,he had been visiting Maha Vihara

Offering was done at P.Henry Hall Then,Hymn singing and some serious sharing together among us Our thoughts...our purpose of Life

The next morning,Puja was conducted by Bhante Dhammaratana Bhante guide us through the whole session Even explain to us We did a few minutes metta

Sis Elaine from BGF came to teach us QIGONG and metta meditation

Cleaning was done after breakfast Final sharing with us Singing hymn song And Last game, the Last Impression Same like what we plays for ice breaking but this is to let you know either your view/impression about that person change

Took some photos before we left…

No lah We want to KFC at Millenium Court to have our lunch Last meal together as a family See you all next camp!!!